Épaissi au lait Oreo

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Oreo Milk Thickie White Thick Glossy Slime 8oz Front View

Épaissi au lait Oreo


Épaissi au lait Oreo

Taille: 5 onces

Customer Reviews

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Just in a week of buying it, it melted. It got stuck all over my hands, and I had to use the activator to get it out. I trashed it, never buying this again.

Stephanie Olivares
My family loves this slime!

I got Milk Oreo and Byebye anxiety as a Christmas gift for my 10 year old niece, and god! The whole family loved these slimes, I will definitely will be placing another other specially for my mom, going through chemo and having to recover from mastectomy this helps her with exercises for her hand plus helps her with anxiety! Love this shop 💖✨

Ella Cho

The slime was slightly smaller than I expected but I am pretty bad at measurement so that is my fault. The slime had great bubble pops.
The texture was very thick and possibly overactivated, however, it is December and so the slime may have just been affected by cold weather. Loved the slime and It inflated tons!

Cindy Smith
Oreo Milk Thick is Fantastico!

Oreo Milk Thick is Fantastico!

Aleesha Adnan
Oreo milk thickie slime

The slime had the perfect amount of scent, it wasnt too light or over powering, not super realistic and not my personal favourite but still ok (that's just my own opinion). I have one complaint, I ordered from the UK and the package was in perfect condition but the slime was really over activated and I couldn't stretch it. It was not fun. I tried to soften it and it helped a bit but it was still quote stiff. I let it sit for a week and then it was fine though. Overall a pretty good slime.

Really smells like Oreos!

Smells like my favorite ice cream treat! It is super thick and glossy!

Kate R

I love how thick and glossy this slime is! Totally satisfying texture that stretches and almost melts, but without being sticky. Smells exactly like cookies and cream, just awesome.

Victor Thompson
Worth it!

I had to reactivate it a bit but after that it was nice and thick. The bubble pops are great and it's really satisfying to play with. And oh yeah, the smell is amazing. I recommend this slime!

iliana Oneill

i can’t get enough of this, my father ordered this for my and i can’t tell you how AMAZING it is. it is exactly as advertised, no leaks, nothing! flawless i tell ya! best slime i have ever played with in my LIFE

iliana Oneill

this slime smelled so good and was the perfect texture. it wasn’t too hard or even sticky. it can’t with great packaging, IT IS SO GOOD! if you’re having doubts buying this, don’t! it’s absolutely beautiful and smells awesome. it’s exactly as advertised 10000/10

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