Slime DIY - Ohh..Chérie !

Boue d'argile bricolage
Dessert crémeux au miel (avec des notes de miel crémeux et de vanille)
Morceau d’argile en nid d’abeille, 1 oz de miel (lime claire), faux pollen d’abeille (dans un petit sac)
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Oh Honey Yellow Fluffy DIY Clay Butter Slime Fantasies Shop 9oz Front View

Slime DIY - Ohh..Chérie !


Slime DIY - Ohh..Chérie !

Taille: Ensemble de bricolage (régulier)

Customer Reviews

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Smelled heavenly

I love the texture and scent of this slime

Lydia Stark


Nina Scott
Best slime company ever!

This shop never disappoints. The Oh Honey slime smells AMAZING and is so satisfying to play with. It has an amazing smooth texture and great stretch. 10/10 recommend!

Traci Birge

I love the smell and texture! Will definitely order again!

Izabella Pfeil

The slime was perfect that smelt so good and you mixed it together too and the scent it didn't smell bad didn't smell awful it was so good smelling I would definitely get it again would recommend


I love the slime! The smell and the texture is awesome!

John Leese

Upon receiving my slime I noticed that it had leaked a little. I emailed them with a picture explaining what happend..She responded super quick and let me know that she had sent me a completely new one free of charge…I never even mentioned anything about it being a Christmas gift because I figured with the mailing system it’s was far past that point. Within three days of her sending the new one my slime has arrived and my daughter is absolutely in love…… I would give them 7 stars if I could!!!!

krissy costa
Always perfection

The smell is amazing and they always provide you with the supplies to ensure your slime works for you, they are my favorite when shopping for slime!

Oh, honey is right! :)

This is my second favorite slime right behind the Banana Cutie. This slime smells sooo good, like a sweet honey but with depth, really nice dessert smell. It is pillowy soft and fun to play with and swirly stretchy.

Jess Rachubka
Amazing and sweet as honey

Loved this order, it smelled amazing, it lasts, it is satisfying and also comes with a good amount and all the things you need to adjust as needed for stickiness, def try these guys out!!

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