Slime mystère

Important : lors de l'achat de 2 slimes mystères ou plus, vous pourriez recevoir le même slime plusieurs fois.
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Slime mystère


Slime mystère

Taille: 3 onces

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Gabi Chanudet

I don’t really know exactly what slime I got as the label just says mystery slime, but i am so pleased with it! It smells just like clean laundry and has an iced cloud texture. I genuinely couldnt be happier and find myself literally just smelling the slime through out the day because the clean laundry smell is so soothing!

Lauren Grace
Peach Cream Candy

It was okay..I’m not really a fan of snow butter slimes, they’re on the stiffer side & feels like harden clay. The color & scent was okay, it wasn’t anything special. I would recommend getting the 9oz mystery, I seem to get better luck with a selection than the 5oz.

Maycee H.
Really Nice

I got the mystery slime because I wanted to try out a slime from this company before I bought anything else from them. It turns out that I like the slime! I got this one called Peach Cream Candy (which I'm pretty sure is extremely rare because I couldn't find it being sold on the Shop App website, even when I looked at the ones out of stock). It's this snow butter slime (that's really soft, by the way) that smells of peachy candy, and also Froot Loops for some reason. I'm overall really happy with the slime I got, even if some of the sprinkles fall out of it (which is just a minor nitpick).

savannah c.

Over the moon with my mystery slime! I got Arctic Cloud Dreamer - this wasn’t on my hopes list but I am pleasantly surprised how much I love it. It is super jelly and squishy. My fave out of the 3 I ordered. The fragrance is very strong but very crisp and clean. Smells like a combo of Dawn dish soap and mint, like a Bath and Body Works candle.

I would suggest only ordering 1 mystery at a time and maybe a few months apart to avoid dupes based on the reviews.

Zyleigh Christy

I got the brownie slime and I love it so much! Thank you! My only complaint is that it was a little small, but I'm also glad if that because I can easily carry it around if need be.


I got the best slime. I was able to mix the clouds slime. It was like ice and snow and I love it. It was the slime that has the polar bear that is still on their shop. Awesome slime that I got.

So fun!

It was fun choosing a mystery slime! Im so happy with my purchase!


I got the vanilla buttercream, big fan

Best Slime Ever!!!

I received a Vanilla Cream Whip snow butter slime! My only regret is that I didn’t get a bigger one!


I really liked the texture and pale yellow of my mystery slime. Also thought the gold glitter was a nice touch. Mine I believe was a snow butter 10/10.

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