Peluches de guimauve

Boue gonflable
Guimauve (avec des notes de vanille grillée et de canne à sucre sucrée)
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Marshmallow Fluff Inflatable Squishy White Slime Fantasies Shop 9oz Front View

Peluches de guimauve


Peluches de guimauve

Taille: 5 onces

Customer Reviews

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One of my favorite scents now

This slime smells mouthwatering like toasted marshmallow fluff. I didn’t really get “inflatable” from this slime, it kind of reminded me of a fluffy butter slime. It did, however, seem to shrink much faster than the other slimes I’ve gotten.
The scent has become my second favorite smell (first is pumpkin crunch cake and third is the mango papaya smoothie).

Tanisha Chisholm

Super inflatable. I was nervous the smell would be overwhelming and smell super sweet that it would make me dislike it but it’s actually perfect.

Just Tiffany
My little’s favorite

This is a great slime! Perfect for littles or those with sensory issues. A little more on the sticky side for my preference but would definitely recommend and would purchase again.

Madison Shinner

I really enjoy the texture of this one and it was exactly what I thought it would feel like. The smell isn’t as marshmallowy as I was hoping, it’s definitely very toasted smelling (and sweet). Overall it’s a nice slime.

Haley Ball

I am obsessed with this slime the texture feels exactly like that of jet puff! From the moment I opened the lid and poked it the slime felt wet and sticky like a melted marshmallow. Would definitely recommend this purchase to anyone!

Camila Kang

Awesome feel and smell of marshmallow. It's like playing with actual marshmallow fluff!

Emily Shepherd
4.5 Stars

This marshmallow fluff slime is very reminiscent of the actual item. To me, the smell is a little bit more of a toasted marshmallow campfire smell which is a good thing. The texture is simple, but nice and sizzly and stretchy too. My only complaint is how inflatable it was. Maybe I am not playing with it correctly, but it only inflated a tiny tiny amount. Other than that, it is basic but a really nice slime. It is one of my go to slimes in this batch.


i really love this slime! it smells really good and the texture is amazing. i can’t stop playing with this slime!

Kelly V
Smells great

This was the perfect gift to cheer up my broken hearted teenager! This slime smells just like marshmallows. You won’t regret getting this one.


It smelled so so good. It actually made me want marshmallows. The texture is great as well.

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