Jus d'orange fraîchement pressé

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Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Jelly Slime

Jus d'orange fraîchement pressé


Jus d'orange fraîchement pressé

Taille: 5 onces

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Ciera Dale
Love this !

Love this slime! The texture feels as though you were playing with pulp and it smells exactly like orange juice. Its thick and stretchy and pokey and poppy. Great slime!

Leia MacAskill
Pretty good

This slime is overall pretty good. It smells just like orange juice, and the texture is a little chunky which reminds me of how freshly squeezed orange juice has pulp in it. It had great bubbles at the top when you let it sit as well, and inflated quite a bit. My only complaint is it gets a little sticky and leaves residue when inflated.

Ann Johnson

This slime was so amazing. It was stretchy, it had a great scent and it made amazing bubble pops. I totally recommend this slime!

I love it!!

It smells EXACTLY like orange juice, really sweet and fruity, the texture feels amazing, it inflates a ton (look out for that, have a spare container cause it won't fit in just the one it comes with), and when it fluffs up it turns more white and it looks like scrambled eggs!! Idk if it's intentional (it probably isn't lol) but it goes from looking like orange juice to looking like an egg dish so it's kind of like a whole breakfast?? How cute is that?? Definitely recommend buying this one!

Mya Allen
Great Quality

The freshly squeezed orange juice slime smells exactly like orange and has a beautiful texture. However, it was initially a little sticky right out of the container.

Katie Zapcic
Smells amazing

Smells just like O.J. Love the Jelly feel to it.

Zander Ovando
Amazing Slime

This is such a good slime! The texture is nice and it’s very relaxing to play with. I love the orange scent that it has it just makes me happy.

Sav M.

The slime was kind of sticky at first but activator helped! It has a jelly texture and the scent is spot on!

Jessica Larlham
Good smell

Smells are great

Very Nice!

I really enjoy the smell and the texture is just right! Sometimes it does get a bit sticky, but I can’t complain much!

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