Pâte à biscuits

Slime crème nuage
Brun biscuit
Cookie Dough (avec des notes de chocolat gluant, de sucre, de vanille et de pâte beurrée)
Saupoudrages friables au chocolat + morceaux de mousse au chocolat (dans du slime)
Non comestible
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Taille: 5 onces
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Pâte à biscuits


Pâte à biscuits

Taille: 5 onces

Customer Reviews

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Doesn't Smell Like Cookie Dough.

This slime is not my favorite. Personally, I did not think that it smelled like cookie dough but rather overpoweringly like chemicals. It kind of made me nauseous. I only played with it once when it was delivered, and I thought the texture was okay. Overall, it was an okay slime that I won't buy again.

Strong chemically smell, and leaves a sticky residue

Overall the texture was nice (albeit a little sweaty), but it left a gross tacky-itchy-sticky residue on my hands. It wouldn't be too bad of an issue for most, but I have sensory issues so it really ruined the whole slime for me. I would return it if possible, but I don't believe thats an option. I tried another cloud-creme slime from them, the Waikiki Beach one, and it had no residue at all and felt very pleasant, so it may be this slime in particular that has the itchy residue. It does smell a bit like cookie dough, but the scent is a bit chemically for my tastes. Again, the smell isn't that bad, but due to my sensory issues it really bugged me. For anyone with sensory issues, this slime is a definite no, I do recommend trying the other cloud-creme slimes from here, the Waikiki Beach one was pretty nice.

Audrey Wenzel
My favorite slime!!

This slime is my favorite to play with! After over a year of owning it and playing with it at least every couple of months, it's still in perfect condition and I've never even had to use activator on it. It looks great, feels great, feels great, and holds up amazingly!


The texture was great, but the smell made me a little sick to my stomach. I personally didn’t think it smelt like cookie dough.

Smell isn't it

Texture is wonderful but the smell doesn't do it for me at all. It does smell like cookie dough....just like the frozen stuff that you can buy. Scent isn't great and is strong for something I dislike. I'll keep it but I think I'll purchase another cloud creme to play with regularly

Epiphany Talley
Hit or Miss

I like the texture, but not the smell. Sometimes after fading a bit strong smells mellow out some so I'll keep it.

Makiko Truong

The slime smells very good, and its super soft. I can't stop playing w/ it.

Yamilex Cardiel
My Brother LOVES IT

The slime smells EXACTLY like cookie dough, it doesn't have a peanut butter aftersmell, though it does have a trace of clay. I wasn't really expecting the slight clay aftersmell after playing with it but me and my brother were cool with it. He ADORES it, as it feels and smells just like cookie dough, which is his favorite icecream flavor. Really great gift, will be buying from here again.


Texture of this slime is super nice.


It smells amazing and never gets stingy no matter how long I play with it

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