Aromathérapie - Bye Bye Anxiété

Slime au beurre de neige
Bleu pastel
Mélange d'huiles essentielles apaisantes (ylang ylang, mandarine, bergamote, camomille, menthe poivrée)
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Aromathérapie - Bye Bye Anxiété


Aromathérapie - Bye Bye Anxiété

Taille: 5 onces

Customer Reviews

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I got this for my sister who just got her wisdom teeth out and she loves it! It’s very relaxing and nice to play with. She’s been playing with it while icing her face.


Amazing smell and feel! Makes me so relaxed 😌

Savannah Mosley

Very buttery and smooth. Scent is not overwhelming


This slime is perfect. It smells so nice and is the perfect slime to play with while I study. My husband does not like sticky, oily things on his hands, and he even likes this slime. Leaves no residue, only a relaxed mind.

Erin Brown
Autistic Reviewer

Ordered through Etsy on January 10, 2024. This was some of the first slime I ever got. I really like this one. It's buttery, the smell is very calming and not overpowering. It was perfect right out of the package. I recommend Slime Fantasies. I like their products. This is great for those of us with fidget energy that are sensitive to certain touch textures.

Thank you !

I wish someone would invent a bed out of this slime here. It's so soft, no residue on your hands, love the message label. Scent is perfect

Delilah C.
Great Texture, Strong Scent

Finally found a slime texture I really enjoy. Super soft and malleable, great for stretching and kneading. Scent isn't bad, but is very strong. If you don't like strong essential oil smells, this slime isn't for you - otherwise it's a great purchase. :)

Mara D.
Amazing scent

This has become one of my favorite slimes due to scent alone! It’s a soothing gentle scent that doesn’t become overwhelming. I also love that it’s an incredibly soft fluffy slime

Jordyn P.
It's so soft

I love this slime! It's very relaxing to play with and the perfect size (I got the 5oz one). I didn't feel like the smell was very strong though. It also doesn't smell like I thought it would based off of the description. I did read a review that stated the same thing, so I knew it was a possibility. I was just hoping it would smell a bit stronger. I am happy with the slime though and would recommend it to anyone.


Love the calming essential oils used in this slime. It does inflate a little too

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