Pink Sands Beach

Cloud Creme Slime (Clear + Cloud Dough + Cloud)
Turquoise + White + Pink = Pastel Purple
Suntan Lotion (with notes of cocoa butter and tropical fruits)
Fake Sand (on bottom of slime)
Not Edible
Size: 5oz
Pink Sands Beach

Pink Sands Beach


Pink Sands Beach

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

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Fun Slime!

This slime was amazing! The smell makes me want to go to the beach!

Elizabeth Deyo
Beautiful slime

Such a lovely slime, looks just as advertised. Scent is more “sunscreen inspired” than a dead ringer for sunscreen. Turns into a very nice soft cloud cream.

The smell is amazing!

Oh my goodness this one is gorgeous and that smell is beyond amazing!! It's a floral, lightly coconut scent that truly does remind me of a tropical vacation. Of course this one is a joy to mix but I also just can't stop smelling it.


I love love love the smell of this. It makes me feel like I’m at the beach. The smell is spell binding. I plan to order more as soon as possible

Soothing :)

I was really excited to get this, especially since I’ve been stressed recently. I like how it’s two types of cloud slime and one that is less aerated(the clear blue section). It was super satisfying to play with, and it smelled amazing (don’t be scared that the suntan lotion smell will be weird; it was really nice). Appreciate the kit it comes with too; definitely will be buying more slime from here!

Loved it

My favorite out of everything I’ve tried so far from this company. The three different layers all feel very different and are beautiful to mix up. It smells wonderful and after mixed becomes a fluffy pink claylike slime.

Elizabeth E
smells sweet and clean, cool, comforting

very comfortable texture, almost grainy, but softer, and much lighter/smoother feel. cool to the touch, like when you stick your fingers down into the wet sand at the beach. mixing together the colors/textures is OF COURSE THE BEST PART. Over time it blends together to a soft, peachy color, with teeny tiny bits of yellow throughout, that I find just perfect for this texture and scent. Lovely.

Bonnie Jean

Really amazing smell. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like “suntan lotion,” because some smell great and some are meh, but this slime smelled INCREDIBLE. Highly recommend. Also very pretty - I didn’t even want to play with it for the first few days because the “beach” looked so beautiful lol.

Allison G

First of smell is everything!! I love the layered look and the fun of mixing them all together. These are amazing slimes!

Alexandria Casper
Best Slime Purchase Ever !

This is so pretty, smells amazing, and quality is just always amazing. Highly recommend even for adults :)

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