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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Best Slime

    This butter slime has the best scents and consistency. My 10 year old loves it!


    Great for stress and nervous energy!

    Great Sensory Item for Anxiety!

    I love this product! I am an adult who struggles with anxiety, and this is my ‘fidget sensory activity’ to help when I feel overwhelmed. I especially enjoy the scents of each, but specifically the ‘bye bye sadness’. It’s like experiencing sunshine with my hands and nose. I LOVE IT!!

    Brittaney Morgan
    Love it!

    I love it! Next time I'm getting the 9oz bundle!

    Sensory Seeker
    Wonderful Pack!

    There is a slime here for everyone. I live in a crazy household and these sit in front of the TV for everyone to keep their hands busy while watching, they have added so much relaxation and reduced screen time!

    Alek C.
    Great for Anxiety!

    I originally purchased these to help with compulsive behaviours caused by generalized anxiety disorder, like picking at skin and nail biting. These work great! I’ve been playing with my slimes during meetings at work and my boss commented on how my participation has improved and how much more confident I seem. :) My only issue is that the slimes seem to be shrinking in size over time as I play with them and getting harder in texture. I followed the instructions to fix that but it’s only restored the stretchiness, not the volume :/

    Briana L.
    Smells amazing!

    These smell exactly what they are described as and smell wonderful! The texture is also amazing

    Jodi Goldman

    I love the texture it is amazing. Highly recommend these slimes

    Cassandra Walker
    Worth It

    The smells are amazing and they smell like real essential oils. The texture is perfect for relaxing or trying to uplift your mood.

    Kalum Crawford

    These slimes are amazing.
    They’re all super soft, buttery, and holdable. Easy to inflate and squish.

    The perfect slimes for de-stressing. I play with this set on a daily basis. I love that the scents are all very strong smelling but not too intense or overwhelming, the smells add another sensory tool for me to focus in on to zen out.
    I also really appreciate that the colours are soft pastels, again very soothing and comforting.

    Right now my absolute favourites are the “Bye-Bye sadness” and “Bye-Bye Distractedness”

    The citrus smell is uplifting, perky, and reminds me of lemon meringue pie without the sweetness. The mint and lemongrass scent is calming when I have an upset stomach from anxiety.

    Love these slimes, will definitely buy this set again in the future.