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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    The smell!

    It smells so good. It was a little sticky at first but I used the activator and then it was perfect! It stretches a lot and I love the noise it makes.

    Kerstin Walker
    SO good

    Got a bunch of different slimes and this one is top 3. Smells amazing and I love the texture. Like the sticky rice but with a lovely cinnamon element.

    Reviewer avatar
    Love love love!

    This slime is so fun. It makes loads of great popping sounds and I never get tired of it. The scent is very pleasant though I can't comment on accuracy.

    Soooo so so good

    I am in love with this slime. Probably my favorite of all the slimes I’ve purchased from you guys! The texture is absolutely dreamy, the scent is exactly like horchata, and I just could play with this for hours. I adore the new art you guys have implemented too! Such a sweet touch!


    This slime is absolutely fantastic. My wife loves it! She normally buys the butter slimes and this is her first different one. She likes the smell and enjoys it!

    Leah Buchkowski
    Smells amazing!

    I love the smell and the feel of this slime. Great thick texture and perfect viscosity!

    Kiara Zapata
    Smells so real!

    This slime smells exactly like the horchata I know and love! Most other horchata scented things really just smell like cinnamon, which is great, but what set this apart is that they NAILED that rice smell that comes through in real horchata. I’m so happy with the way it smells. It made me crave the real thing! The slime was pretty sticky at first, but once everything got mixed around, and with the help of the activator spray, it was a wonderful smooth, slick, and drizzley slime. So shiny and lots of fun bubble pops and sounds.

    I love

    Never had a thick and glossy slime and it is now my fav texture. I loved this slime it smells amazing. It’s like a mix of horchata and maple syrup 🤤. Pls get this slime THE BEEEST!


    I was happy to finally get my hands on this slime. I was looking for a really thick glossy slime, and this did not disappoint! This makes the best sounds, smells delicious, and was exactly what I wanted. Packaging is A+ of course.

    My fav

    Texture is amazing, has such satisfying feel and bubble pops. Super stretchy and give your arms quite the workout. I enjoy the scent, reminds me of the mango sticky rice slime except with cinnamon instead of mango. Scent is not too strong which I really enjoy.