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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Nice smell

    Nice smell that isn’t overwhelming and supper soft texture

    Love it!

    This slime is not only extremely fun to play with, but it really helps me focus and the scent is wonderful- very calming. Bye Bye Distractedness is easy to use and not too sticky. It is so soft, fluffy, and makes awesome bubble pops and has the perfect satisfying finger pokes. I use it all the time, and the scent has stayed. I highly recommend this slime to anyone looking for a calming and fun purchase for a good price. I am playing with it while writing this! Enjoy your slime:)

    Ginger a little strong

    This is my favorite texture! Extremely holdable, squishy, soft, and still stretchy. The smell is generally bright and very lemongrass forward, but the ginger scent in this is so strong with virtually none of the mint. While my better half stuck his nose in it, I found the ginger scent so strong that it made my stomach churn and gave me a headache. I’m sensitive to ginger so this is partially on me, but usually lemon ginger is okay.

    Your New Favorite Spring Slime

    Talk about refreshing! This slime’s scent is fresh, bright, and sweet, and the pastel green is perfect for Spring. As always, the snow butter texture is phenomenal.

    Kathryn Pugh
    Love 💗

    I love this slime it is so smooth and fluffy the smell is amazing!


    This lemony-gingery fluffy goodness is amazballs. It rolls and builds nicely. I love how much comes in the container it’s the perfect amount! I can’t wait to order more

    Brittany A.
    Addictive texture

    Ordered this slime for my kiddo to take on a flight for distraction. I opened it and can’t put it down. The texture is soft and stretchable. Fast shipping, adorable packaging and great quality containers. The scent is balanced nicely and not overpowering.

    Big fan!

    I honestly wasn't sure at first, but the more I worked it out, the better it got. Light, foamy-like texture which is easy to squish and manipulate. Helps me pay attention and pick up details during things like tv watching (I'm ADHD so sometimes I space out) and relax during work without breaking concentration. Good stuff!!

    Suzanne Nunn

    I haven’t bought slime before(besides the dollar store) but I decided to take a swing at it after watching videos on Instagram and it was a great idea! I got a couple different slimes and I this this one will be perfect for work. It’s easy to play with and is incredibly smooth. The smell is so relaxing and I am sure my coworkers will be happier with this quieter fidget :) I highly recommend this. So far after playing with it a few times the smell is still there!

    Nicole Garcia
    First Time Buyer

    This was my first time buying slime, and it was overall a not bad experience! The sale itself was fine and easy but I have a few criticisms about the slime.
    The smell was good but wore off FAST. Not even an hour after play.
    The texture is fine, but way too firm to even stretch at times. It can spread but its just a workout to even play with. I will do some adjusting definitely.
    Theres no fallout at all, so that's good too. Overall not too bad for a first time.