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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 214 reviews
    4.5/5 stars

    I would give this slime 4.5/5 stars. The texture is incredible. A nice mix of smooth and sizzly. The packaging and presentation is on point as well and I love that its garlic bread themed. My only complaint is that the smell is strong. If you hold it at arms length then you dont smell it as much, but I will admit its a little too strong when you do smell it and makes me a little bit nauseated if I smell it for more than just a few seconds (I am sensitive to smells though so an average person should be fine, if you are sensitive to smells though then I would take this into consideration). On a more positive note it does indeed smell like garlic bread. Overall I would purchase this again and I highly recommend it, just be careful if you are sensitive to smells.

    VERY strong scent

    The texture and mixins are perfect, but the scent was so strong it genuinely made me nauseous. It might be just my order or because I got a smaller size, but I couldn't play with it for more than a few minutes because it was so strong and artificial. I'd definitely buy this scent free though

    Seneca ulto
    I’m a world of sweet it’s savory.

    It smells exactly like garlic bread. Texture is amazing it fluffs as you play with it. Just like you would imagine dough would. The green herbs are a nice touch. Only thing is it makes me hungry.

    Bunny W.
    Weird yet RAD

    Seriously, the scent threw me for a loop but this is just all around an awesome slime. Good texture. Great scent. Awesome concept.

    Probably the coolest product you can buy on the internet

    The garlic buttery doughy scent of this slime is absolutely addicting. The texture is absolutely wonderful, I love the sounds it makes as I stretch it. I always look forward to opening up this slime!

    garlic bread....

    yeah, it smells like garlic bread. like, EXACTLY like garlic bread. at first i was like "ok smells kinda like garlic bread" and then i pulled it out and played with it for a bit and. yeah. it literally smells like garlic bread.
    its pretty crunchy but not EXTREMELY crunchy? makes some nice sizzly sounds. the texture is doughy but feels like it also has literal breadcrumbs in there which is interesting. the herbs are a nice touch. overall, i'd say this slime gets a rating of garlic bread.

    Garlic Paradise

    I’m gonna be honest, the smell isn’t as strong as I was hoping it would be. BUT what smell it does have smells just like garlic bread and leaves me wishing I could take a bite of the slime XD
    The slime itself is sizzly and fun and feels exactly like what you’d imagine playing with garlic bread dough would feel like! A ton of fun and I highly recommend buying this slime AT LEAST once!


    Smells so delicious, texture is great, nicely packaged, I have no complaints! Very fun and unique slime.

    Ariana Fletcher
    I LOVE

    I love this slime so much I can’t stop playing with it. The garlic bread smell is pretty strong though if you’re sensitive to scents. The only thing is that it is a bit sticky but it’s an easy fix with the no stick spray.

    The Dog wanted some.

    This slime was super fun to play with and inflate. It smelled just like garlic bread and made me want to make some actual garlic bread. Apparently it smelled so good my dog wanted some too lol. She never comes up when I'm playing with slime but this slime had her interested haha.