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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 95 reviews
    Christina Thouin
    Fun texture

    This is 100% like playing with actual bread dough. Super satisfying and relieves anxiety and stress

    Jamie Gainor
    Best savory slime!

    This slime literally feels like you are kneading dough for a pizza and I’m here for it. Smells exactly like the name and has such a unique texture.

    Kathrynne Wagner

    Loooovvvedd the texture and this was a bomb savory slime!


    This slime is incredible! the scent is amazing! the scent smells like pizza and a delicious seasoning! the texture is so creamy and smooth! I 100% recommend this slime!

    Very Satisfying

    I absolutely love the texture and the color, as it definitely reminds me of pizza dough!

    The smell somewhat reminds me of pizza dough, but it's on the stronger side. Rather than the mild aroma of a bread dough, it has this stronger, yet familiar smell that reminds me of yeast and possibly dried spice that will take me some getting used to. It's more of a baked yeasty flatbread than a pizza dough, but I like it as I get more familiar with the scent.

    Ultimately I really like this slime! :D


    Ok... talk about a realistic slime scent! It smells JUST like fresh pizza dough, and various spices. I cannot get over it, as well as the texture. It's dense and thick (in the best way!) and reminds me of real dough! If you sold 32oz I would SO buy it!!!

    Taylor Weissend
    Pizza Dough Heaven

    This is my second time purchasing the pizza dough slime because, I love it SO much. The smell is incredible and the cloud creme texture of the slime is perfect, stretchy, soft goodness. Best slimes I’ve ever purchased

    Lovay Estrella
    just wow!!

    Out of the many slimes I have this one gets played with the most. The texture is so creamy and the scent, oh my gosh it smells just like pizza dough! It’s so good!

    Kristin Johnson
    Just like Pizza Dough

    This texture is so similar to pizza dough and I love it . It's creamy, soft and dense. It also puffs up and has the best sizzles. The scent is more of a sweet bread, in my opinion and is very delightful. I highly recommend.

    Kelly F.
    Great slime

    This slime is so much fun to play with. It smells just like pizza dough and is non sticky.