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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Audrey Adasiak
    Upside Down

    This slime is so pretty and smells amazing. Not overpowering, very subtle. It’s exactly like being in a forest. Loved that the two slimes were layered with the glitter - it was super fun to poke and pull. The texture is really unique once mixed, but also super soft too. Oh and the art on the label is rad- whoever designs the art needs a raise haha.

    The only downside to this slime is the red does come off on your hands. It’s easy to remove and doesn’t stain though. Only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5.


    i loved the outdoorsy sent and the perfect tecture!

    Emily M
    New Favorite!!

    The texture is so soft and stretchy, it's squishy and has great bubble pops!
    My favorite part is the scent, it has an amazing pine/woodsy scent which I absolutely love. I wish more slimes had scents like this one!

    Kelly Sullivan
    love the scent!

    love everything abt this slime!

    kimber kittner
    love this one

    i imagine hawkins forest to smell like this. very great texture aswell:)

    Danica Dallas
    Love the texture

    This is a beautiful slime! I feel it represents the upside down world pretty spot on. The end texture result is my favorite hands down, super soft and doughy (the glitter makes it even better). The only thing I wasn't a huge fan of was the smell, which I am more attracted to sweet smells so that is probably why. I would definitely purchase this again though!!

    Ashley H
    My kid is super picky about slime

    My son is so particular about slime. He stole this one from me and claimed it as his. It smells WONDERFUL and has beautiful texture.

    Ashley Hall
    Be running up that hill

    My favorite slime so far! Two textures (jelly and snow fizz) came together to make this unique texture that truly captures the upside down!


    It was so fun to mix together and I love how the scent isn’t too overpowering!

    Kaleigh Abels

    This has some an amazing texture! Totally a destressor and the scent is the best! I’m a huge amber sandalwood person and this scent reminds me of the Amber Cashmere scentsy.