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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 98 reviews
    Jeannie Aber
    Favorite one!

    Of the 3 I bought, the mystery one was my favorite. I loved the texture, and it smells great!

    So fun!

    SO glad I decided to add a mystery slime to my cart. I got part of a soda slime for mine and the texture was SO fantastic. The scent was good and I really enjoy it. I’m new to buying slimes, so this introduced me to a new texture! It’s my favorite!

    Rachael Severts
    Very exciting

    I was super excited to get my slimes (I got the two mysteries) and am happy to say that they came quickly with a lot of updates. I was nervous due to the heat but they firmed up perfectly inside. I believe I got the anxiety aromatherapy and a brownie/chocolate cake themed one. Both have really cool textures but I absolutely love the aromatherapy one - it’s not sticky and it’s seriously soothing.

    K D
    Amazing texture

    The texture of the slime I received was AMAZING! But I couldn't identify the scent and it's a little overpowering; not my favorite. (That's the only reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5.) The texture kept me playing with it obsessively though. <3

    Sarah Jones
    Mystery Solved

    I am almost certain I got the crunchy base from the tirimisu crunch cake. It smells so good and it’s one of my favorite textures. I love it!


    My mystery was the cola one! I love that there's a mystery slime option at all- I enjoy surprises <3

    Cassie Vila
    very good

    it was really nice stretch and fun to play with but there was a bad glue smell to it

    Christina Timmons

    The mystery slime I received was a beautiful lavender color and sent.

    Nice Surprise

    Possible spoiler alert: I am pretty sure I got the lavender dreams slime. It's a butter slime that pulls like taffy, with a gentle lavender scent (though I'm not the best at guessing) and soft purple color. I never would have bought it for myself, but I really enjoy having by my laptop since it's such an easy slime to work with + calming. Wasn't expecting to get one I recognize (though I could be wrong), but I am happy to have it!

    Lizzy Wright
    Very happy

    I got my slime and it was the purple anxiety relief one. It is beautiful and relaxing, not even sticky at all.