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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 225 reviews
    Abigail Jones

    Loved the texture but wasn't inflatable no matter how much I played and some slime leaked out of the container but otherwise it was great

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    Wow the texture is nothing like I've ever felt! It is so fluffy and soft and amazing and I'm in love with this smell! I wish I could lay in a tub of this stuff it's awesome.

    kinda sticky

    the slime is pretty nice and inflatable and stretchy. the only thing is that i couldnt get it to fully come together and stop being sticky no matter what, and yeah, i made sure to wash my hands and put activator on them before playing and everything. the slime was just, slightly sticky no matter what. maybe a design decision since marshmallows are sticky? the scent is marshmallows for sure, but smells more like a marshmallow scented marker, if that makes sense. good, but not quite like actual marshmallows.

    the reason i still give this 4 stars is because its a very inflatable fluffy slime and the stickiness isnt too bad, it just had me thinking i did something wrong at first. and the texture is nice and soft

    Vanessa Flores

    I'm OBSESSED with the smell and texture of this slime. It's pillowy soft and fluffy and feels amazing to play with. Love how it inflates the more it's played with and also has a very asmr sound.


    Has a pretty good texture. Personally, although it may not be Slime Fantasies' falt, I hate the scent. People have been saying when they get their slimes that it smells so good and smells just like marshmallows. I don't know if they have changed their scents since, been very inconsistent, or if everyone has different opinions about how marshmallows smell.

    Vienna S
    Almost perfect

    Out of the three slimes I tried from here this was by far my favorite. I am absolutely obsessed with the texture it is so smooth and fun to play with. The smell is not quite what I imagined marshmallow would be but I don't have a big issue with it. I would have absolutely given this five stars if not for the size. Not only did mine not inflate, but it only filled up half of its container on the first day I got it. It almost felt like it had shrank even though it had just been delivered that day so it wasn't an old slime. Overall a fantastic slime, just let down by the volume especially for one that is supposed to be super inflatable.

    Claudia Zarazua

    I love the texture, the aroma and everything.

    amy naturin
    Inflates so much!

    It smells so good! i love the smell of toasted marshmallows. I just wish I also got a separate container b/c it inflates so much. Absolutely a must, haha!

    Candace Coward
    Amazing beginner Slime

    If you are looking for a starter slime . No sticky mild smell this is it!! It inflates so much it super soft and has a faint sweet smell. Excellent for small children (not sticky at all)

    Chloe Bloom

    Is feels like if u could put your hand in a jar of fluff w out it sticking too you. It's amazing. Totally will buy this again