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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Ella Barry
    So FUN!

    I really enjoyed mixing everything together and then playing with it after. When the slime first came, it was very sticky so I added the activator and then the slime became less sticky. The slime smells exactly like a lemon cake. I also love the texture of this slime; its so buttery and makes great crunching noises. Overall, I love this slime!

    note: it turns out to be A LOT of slime in the end, but they give you an extra container.

    I love it

    Mixing in the lemon loaf was so satisfying and it turned out to be a perfect butter texture. It was super inflating and even the smallest size had a lot of slime by the end!! Smells like a sweet subtle lemon cream. Would definitely buy again

    Rachael Lara

    There will be no kids playing with this. I honestly get so much less work done at my desk but it’s a great stress reliever and smells insanely good. 10000% recommend!!!

    Lemon Scent?

    I love the texture and how fun it was to mix in, I just wish it smelled more strongly of lemon. The cake scent is really sweet and strong, but the light lemon scent fades once the clay is mixed in.


    This scent is absolutely divine. I love the DIY aspect of it too, as mixing the clay bread and icing slime in was so fun. I adore the butter slime texture too. It’s perfect! Also love the sweet little lemon loaf art on the container itself! Only note would be to just call this a lemon loaf, as I wouldn’t want Starbucks to not be ok with the use of their name on your product!

    Sara Fann
    Starbucks lemon loaf

    I love this slime, so much. My only complaint was that it made me hungry for lemon loaf.

    So much fun!

    This is only my second slime ever so putting it together was messy but I LOVE IT! So much fun to play with. The texture and color are awesome when it’s all mixed up. Activator worked great when I followed instructions.

    Slime Lady

    My new favorite slime! I got the regular-sized DIY kit and when all mixed together it turns into a delicious buttery slime that smells super yummy. Fun to put together, relaxing to play with, very stretchy, and makes nice pops and snaps.

    Dawn Lee

    This is the first slime I ordered from Slime Fantasies and I was not prepared for how amazing it would be. It was super fun to decorate and play with, the end texture is light and so stretchy, and the smell is absolute perfection

    Brianna Edwards

    Loved this diy, it was so fun to put together. The texture is amazing and it smells so yummy.