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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Savannah Breems
    LOVED this sampler!

    I’ve had this sampler for about a month now and I still really enjoy playing with these. Since this was part of my first slime purchase, I wasn’t sure how long I should play with these and I ended up using Ming them for too long. I just used water to rehydrate them back to their original state, and even got the volume back to the top. Love them all textures too! Each one is so unique and feels incredible. Favorites are: Snow Fizz, Cloud, Floam, and Inflatable. I do wish they had clear, jelly, and Bingsu options. Scents were spot on and amazing!

    Nicole Key
    Perfect sampler size!

    Great for figuring out what textures you like and for people just getting into slime!

    Moira G.
    Glad I purchased

    Perfect size to figure out which slime I like and which I don't. The lavender dream and fruity pebbles are by far my favorite. The peach kiss left some residue on my hands but still fun to play with. Some of the scents are a bit to strong for me but over all very happy.

    Jessica Williams
    Great way to find what you like!

    I didn’t know what kind of slime I would like so this was a perfect way to sample them all! They smelled amazing and felt great. Definitely recommend if you don’t know what kind of slime would be your favorite texture wise (if you’re like me who has a texture issue). The fruity fizzle and bubblegum thick gloss were hands down my favorite. The peach cloud has amazing texture but a lot of fallout. Still love it though!

    Nancy Conley
    Tiny but still fun

    You don't realize how small 3oz really is, didn't even realize they were only 3oz. It's a pretty penny for so small of items, but you get to see why style of slime you like and test the smells. Definitely some faves and some hard dislikes but the kids LOVE them. Some are extra sticky though and you have to spray A LOT of non stick stuff on them but still fun

    Sample set

    Love this! Great way to try all the different slimes. Fruity pebble’s was my fave!

    Love the size!!

    I love every slime in this kit. But what I really love is the size! I always find myself dividing up bigger slimes into smaller batches. I would buy every slime in this size honestly. I took them to work and made everyone’s day playing with them :)

    Claudia Verratti

    This kit was very awesome and fun to play with! I loved how there were things to help the slime just in case it got messy or sticky. There was really nothing terrible about it. The only thing was the unfortunate was the peach and the fruity pebbles crunch. The Fruity Pebbles did hurt my hands and the peach Had a lot of snow fallout ! But was still worth it! :D


    Love it. A great way to figure out what type of slime you like.

    Elizabeth Tipton

    This is my first ever slime purchase and I'm so freaking happy I went through with it! The sample pack is a fantastic way to test out each texture so you can see which one is your favorite! The scents are amazing and there's such a wide variety. They're so great that my husband even confiscated half. This is a great way to get started with slime!