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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Ashley H
    My kid is super picky about slime

    My son is so particular about slime. He stole this one from me and claimed it as his. It smells WONDERFUL and has beautiful texture.

    Ashley Hall
    Be running up that hill

    My favorite slime so far! Two textures (jelly and snow fizz) came together to make this unique texture that truly captures the upside down!


    It was so fun to mix together and I love how the scent isn’t too overpowering!

    Kaleigh Abels

    This has some an amazing texture! Totally a destressor and the scent is the best! I’m a huge amber sandalwood person and this scent reminds me of the Amber Cashmere scentsy.

    Reviewer avatar

    This slime connected me to the show the most, out of the four that I got out of this collection. It's amazing. The creativity this shop has continues to astound me and wow! The smell! So nice ❤️


    It smells amazing! The texture is awesome and the shipping/delivery was super fast. Can't wait to buy another st inspired slime! If any slimes are dedicated to Robin or Nancy I am going to be the first purchaser haha.

    So good!

    I wish the gel part of the slime was sold separately. Other than that I love it! ❤️

    Transported to the Upside Down

    This was my first slime, and I absolutely love it. It was super satisfying to mix together, and the scent is just perfect. It's not overpowering at all, but it is unique and distinct. Sometimes strong scents bother me, but this is the perfect level of smell and it really does make me feel like I'm in a forest on a cool night. The texture was a bit sticky after mixing it all, but the slime activator took care of that, and it's a great texture to play with. After it's mixed, the blue is totally lost, but I personally think the glittery red really captures the red mist in the Upside Down. The packaging design is perfect as well.

    Paige Gordon
    Smelled amazing

    I loved the little glitter and mixing the different colors. I loved the stranger thing theme too!

    Afton Butcher
    So creative

    I love getting slimes with different textures in one slime bc I don’t know what type of slime I will end up with. After mixing the cloud and clear slime, you get a super dense yet still stretchy sort of icy slime. It’s a very holdable and relaxing slime to play with. I was a little nervous about the smell bc from what I’ve seen on the show, the upside down doesn’t smell good. I really don’t have a clue what scent this is but whatever it is it isn’t a bad smell and it is very lightly scented so I am happy. The second part of the series is releasing July 4th so you should definitely keep with the Stranger Things theme. Maybe a demigorgan or a slime dedicated to Eddie bc that poor guy has been through the ringer. Anyhow love this shop and I will be a repeat customer